Here you will find the answers to many of the questions most frequently asked over our almost 19 years of selling name necklaces.  If our answers below are not sufficient, or you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us at any time by writing to [email protected] .  We answer all questions within 24 hours. Thank you so much for shopping with !

1.   Does ordering a double thickness nameplate really make a difference?  The answer is YES. If you would like a strong nameplate that will last, please choose double thickness. Any name longer than 6 letters cannot be made in single thickness, and will be upgraded automatically.  Be sure to use a metric ruler to view the thickness of your nameplate.   In solid 14k gold, .4 mm is light and delicate, but if you are looking for strength, our .8 mm thickness will be well worth the additional cost.
In our solid 14k gold chains, the light chains are 1.1 grams of solid 14k gold. You will have a choice of 2.2 gram chains that are heavier and a bit wider.

If budget allows, we always suggest ordering double thickness in our nameplates.

2.   How long will it take to receive my Name Necklace? 

Your name necklace or ring, will be designed, cut, polished, the chain attached, and prepared for post, all within 5-7 business days! (Our studios are closed on Fridays and Saturdays, business days include Sundays-Thursdays)
Choose standard letter post ($6.00 US) for 10-12 day delivery from the date of shipment. 
Choose DHL  express for 52-3 day delivery to the USA, Canada and Europe, 5-7 day delivery to Australia, New Zealand and other countries.  These delivery times do not include production time. Please know that it takes 4 business days to make and ship your item.  
Only DHLexpress comes with tracking, the standard shipping orders will be sent as letters with no tracking.  Please remember, we have no stock items.  We hand prepare each necklace just for you, and this takes 4 business days.
Only DHL express with tracking, insurance and fast delivery is available for any item over $150.00 US dollars in value. Please do not send these items standard letter post. If you choose standard post, your order will be updated, and the $22.00 for EMS express will be added automatically.  is not responsible for packages detained in customs, or for any security reasons.
Please note!: TheNameNecklace will not refund any shipping costs due to postal delays, customs inspection, weather...for any reason. We do not take responsiblity for any actions taken by any postal authority world wide.

Choose ONLY DHL EXPRESS if you are having the package delivered to Italy, Spain, Russian, Slovenia, Lithuania, Greece, Croatia, Malta, Mexico, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia or any South American country. We will not replace any standard shipment to these countries.

NOTE: Shipping DHL to Russia, Singapore, Viet Nam and Mexic costs $48.00. The price will be adjusted for you automatically!

We repeat, DHL express ONLY to this list of countries. If you do not choose EMS upon checkout, your shipping service will be upgraded to EMS AUTOMATICALLY!!

3.   Can I change the font for a particular design?    The fonts chosen for each design, are the fonts that work best with that particular accent, heart, butterfly, or flower.  For an additional charge of $10.00, you can request that the font be changed. Please purchase the design that you would like. In the CUSTOMER'S NOTE section, tell us the new font.  We will add the charge to your total, you will not see this total on your order form.

4.   What if the "name" I want has more than one capital, or I want to add signs such as "@", or numbers, etc.?    We can make any name for word that has all characters on a standard keyboard.  For orders with any additional numbers or signs, a $12.00 charge will be added automatically.  If you are ordering 2 names, use our GreeleyEstates sample only.  Any name with more than one capital letter is considered 2 names. We can make thing for you!
If you see a font that you like more than Classic Cursive for our 2 name necklace, simply tell us the NEW FONT in the customer's note section.

There will be no additional charge for changing a font that does not have an added design.

5.   What length chain should I choose?  For children 4-12 years of age, please order 14" (35 cm) chains.  For teens and average sized adults wanting below collar bone length, please order 16" (40 cm). For mid-chest length, fuller necks, please order 18" (45 cm).  For large people, or a longer necklace (just above breast) Please order longer 20: (50cm) chains. We offer extra long 22" silver chains as well! The chain length does not include the legth of the name plate.

6.   Do you ship world wide?  Yes, we ship world wide for the same low cost, both standard and EMS express.  Israel cannot ship to countries with which we do not have diplomatic relations. If your are placing your order to be sent to the Philippines, Russia, Greece, Malta, Mexico, Lithuania, Bosnia, Croatia, Estonia, Mexico, China, Brazil or Indonesia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Greece, Crete, please use ONLY EMS express shipping with tracking, insurance and 6 day delivery.

We will not send to these countries standard letter post, and if you choose standard letter post, we will upgrade the shipping service automatically for $22.00 US dollars. ($48.00 total for EMS shipping to Singapore, Russia and Viet Nam)

7.    Can you make special orders?   Yes we do!  Simply contact us with size,  type of lettering, type of jewelry and material. We will let you know if we can make the special order item, the price and production time.  The more details you send, the more accurate our help will be. If you order without contacting us, there will be an $12.00 special order charge if the name is not standard: has 2 capitals, signs or numbers

8.    Is payment secure on your internet site?   Yes, absolutely.  We have never had a problem with credit card fraud or misuse, stemming from Idan's many internet sites.  We have a home office where only a small, secure staff of our family members have access to any information given on our internet site. If any problems do arise, we are always here to help.

9.   Does Sterling Silver tarnish (change color)?  Yes. Sterling silver, the highest quality used in jewelry, 925, does change color over time. This is called "tarnishing".  If your skin type is acidic, the tarnishing can occur very quickly. Simply purchase any silver polish at your local supermarket. Your name necklace will be shiny new in no time.  In some cases, a professional polish at a jewelry repair nearest you, will slow down the tarnishing process even more.  You can ALWAYS post the items back to us for a professional repolishing as well.  Hand made items may tarnish quicker than machine made jewelry. Just know that we are always here to help with any problems that may occur.

10.   Do you discount for multiple orders?  Our website prices 40% off of retail prices of jewelry stores in local malls nearest you.  We do not discount of multiple purchases. If you are interested in purchasing wholesale for your store, we have a complete wholesale price list. Please write for details.

11.   Are Gift Cards and Boxes available?  Our name necklaces are placed on special cards to keep the chain from getting tangled. The name necklace and card are then placed in a cellophane wrapping.  We ship standard orders this way in order to avoid customs declaration, and to ensure fast delivery.  For an additional $5.00 US dollars you can add a gift card with the greeting of your choice, and a special display box for your name necklace. Fill out the gift wrap option upon checkout.

12.   Can I change the font offered for a particular design?  If you see a style that you love, but want to change the font (writing style), simply tell us in the Customer's Note section.   There will be an additional $12.00 US dollar charge for changing the font in the original photo, but we will be happy to honor your request. 

13. What is your exchange policy?    We can exchange any item for an upgraded thickness (for the difference in price, labot, and shipping costs), and we fix or remake our jewelry if the item breaks under normal wear.  We do not accept returns if you do not like the FONT style that you have chosen.  For this reason, we ask that you use our FONT PREVIEW on the first page of our site, to view any name in any font style before placing your order.  Personalized items are not returnable, please ask any questions before placing your order. We are here to help with any questions!