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Vegan Jewelry - Fashion Alternatives for Vegans

A vegetarian is a person who chooses not to eat meat. While the concept is pretty old, it has become popular only in the past couple of decades. Many organizations such as PETA advocate against the slaughter of animals for food consumption. Vegetarianism is rising steadily, especially as positive marketing is used to promote it. For instance, a vegan diet is one of the healthiest in the world.

Being a vegetarian is not a matter of shame. In fact, you should wear this decision with pride. The fact that you choose to stop eating meat in order to prevent the slaughter of animals is one of the noblest acts one can do. By wearing jewelry related to your vegan choices, you may also be able to convince others.

Several designers have introduced special vegan jewelry for vegans. The many items, including pendants, bracelets, earrings and necklaces all link to vegetarianism in some way. The decision to avoid eating meat is a very personal one. You will always carry it in your heart. By wearing vegan jewelry, you can now show it to the world, and strengthen your resolve.

What Is Vegan Jewelry?

Whereas conventional jewelry items feature delicate designs and unique cuts, vegan jewelry includes quotes and customized designs. Using precious metals such as stone, gold and bronze, such jewelry items are often engraved or embossed with personal text messages. You can also find uniquely cut pendants and earrings.

Over the past few years, vegan jewelry has become quite popular. This has led to the creation of the term “vaute couture” in the design industry. Unlike common jewelry items, each vegan jewelry item features something different and personally touching.

Types of Vegan Jewelry

Vegan jewelry comes in many types. Here are some of the most common:

Earrings: Vegan earrings come in many different shapes and sizes. Small earrings that are engraved with animal designs using nano- technology are quite common. The stone is engraved with a precise laser using specialized machinery. While the design itself cannot be spotted from a distance, it gives personal motivation to the wearer. You can also find full cuts in the shape of animals to wear in your ears.

Necklaces: Vegan necklaces are extremely popular. They are similar to common necklaces, but are designed differently, and often include messages. Vegan name and pendant necklaces are also quite popular amongst women. A number of different materials are used, including precious metals such as gold, silver and bronze. The chain is often made of white gold. The pendant is usually adorned with an expensive gem (ruby, diamond, amethyst, sapphire, etc.).

Bracelets: Vegan bracelets are a fun way to mix and match your jewelry. You can put a delicately cut sheep pendant around your wrist and flaunt it. You can also opt for a fully designed bracelet that includes a motivational message around the wrist. Many companies offer the choice between ready- made vegan jewelry or customized designs. Custom designed vegan jewelry is obviously more expensive. Vegan key chains are also very popular, and make excellent gifts.

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