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Celebrating the Special Woman in Your Life on Mother's Day

Our mothers work very hard day after day to dress us in clean clothes, make sure we get enough to eat and care for us when we're sick. They do all of this willingly without expecting anything in return. When we celebrate Mother's Day, we celebrate the women who gave us life, the ones who taught us right from wrong and the women who dried our tears when we were hurt.


Mother's Day History

Mother's Day became a national holiday in the United States thanks to the efforts of Anna Jarvis, beginning in 1908. After her mother's death in 1905, Jarvis wanted mothers to be honored for their daily sacrifices. In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson madethe second Sunday in Maya national holiday.


Honoring Our Mothers

Mother's Day is a way to honor mothers and set aside one day out of the year for them. Honestly, one day is not enough, as most mothers spend 365 days a year caring for their children as best they can. If you had a single mother, she worked doubly hard to provide a roof over your head and to put food on the table. In addition, she may have worked more than one job to do so.

Most moms never think of themselves when they go shopping or when tending to their sick families. They make sure their kids have good clothes to wear, even if she has to make them herself. They also take care of their kids' every need when they are sick, no matter what their age. Mothers see a need, and they try to take care of it the best way they can.

Mothers give us so much of themselves and never want anything in return. That's why they deserve to be honored on Mother's Day.

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