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All You Need To Know About Nano Jewelry

Those who like subtle art will love nano jewelry. One of the latest trends that are making the rounds in the fashion industry, nano jewelry incorporates beautiful designs at a very small level. The word “nano” indicates that the designs are pretty small. With the help of industrial processes, these pieces of jewelry are decorated with beautiful designs at a very small scale, usually smaller than a millimeter.

Nano jewelry has become quite famous over the past few years, and is very famous throughout Israel. Those who like wearing a symbol of their religion can get some good designs, including religious symbols such as the Star of David embossed on a pendant or earrings.

This type of jewelry is best for people who like subtlety. Due to its small size, it is not easily noticeable at a distance. As a result, the engravings usually remain hidden from the human eye until a close inspection is carried out. While you can opt for ready- made designs, companies also offer you the option of selecting your own custom designs and getting them engraved.

How Is Nano Jewelry Made?

Like any other type of jewelry, nano jewelry is made using precious metals, such as gold or silver. Expensive stones are also used. The difference in the process is the use of specialized laser technology in order to engrave the stone. Usually, the engraving is done by etching gold on the stone.

For instance, the gold shines brightly on a dark colored stone. You can choose between text, images, or a combination of both. The laser is used to etch the design on the surface of the stone. Because of the significantly small size, you can get a cute little design made on the crown of your ring or on the facet of your pendant.

Despite the fact that these designs are incredibly small, the designs are quite complex. You can choose between a multitude of religious symbols or stylish fonts for text. Once the piece of jewelry has been completed, the company will also show you the design under a magnifying lens to satisfy you.

Types of Nano Jewelry

Nano jewelry comes in many types. You can choose between pendants, ring crowns or bracelets. Nano designs can be etched on the surface of any stone, regardless of how small it is. Also, it is not necessary to always opt for religious designs. You can choose any design of your choice, or opt for text.

Apart from decorating your jewelry at a very small scale, nano-designs can also be used for identification purposes in case you lose an item. If you are worried that your bracelets or necklaces might get confused with somebody else’s, you can get nano-designs etched on them.

Currently, nano jewelry is only offered by a handful of companies. That’s primarily due to the fact that the sophisticated laser technology which is used to etch the designs on the stone is pretty expensive and can only be afforded by large companies.


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