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All about Jewish Jewelry

Judaism is one of the oldest religions in the world. It is also one of the most widely practiced religions. Over thousands of years, Jewish culture has grown by leaps and bounds. The Jews also love jewelry and other items of cultural value. If you are a Jew and wish to celebrate your religion, you will love Jewish jewelry.

Many companies now offer unique and stylish designs of jewelry that are created exclusively for Jews. Featuring symbolic designs and religious insignias, these tiny trinkets offer Jews the chance to get closer to religion. Some of these pieces of jewelry also hold immense historical and cultural value.

For instance, the Star of David is easily one of the most recognizable symbols in the world. It is featured on the flag of Israel and is widely considered to be a symbol of the modern Jewish identity. However, its use as an ornament has been around for thousands of years. It has been used as a decorative motif since antiquity, dating as far back as the third century CE.

During the World War II, the Star of David also played an important role. German forces ordered Jews throughout occupied Europe to wear the Star of David on their clothing. As their persecution reached unthinkable heights under the reign of Nazi Germany, the Star became a symbol of unity and hope. Fast forward 70 years, and the Star of David is one of the most common symbols used to decorate Jewish jewelry.

How Is Jewish Jewelry Different?

Jewish jewelry may not be very different in terms of design, but it holds immense religious value. The Jews are famous around the globe for their delicate designs and gorgeously decorated gems. The diamond industry of Israel is one of the most successful in the world.

With the help of sophisticated laser technology, a number of unique symbols and designs are engraved on conventional pieces of jewelry. In some cases, the design of the jewelry item is directly inspired by such symbols. For instance, you can find pendants that are shaped like the Star of David. These are available in several materials, including gold and silver. You can also request custom orders.

Symbols Used to Decorate Jewish Jewelry

There are many symbols used to decorate Jewish jewelry apart from the Star of David. Here are a few:

Hamsa necklaces - It is popular as a design for amulets. The design itself is pretty straightforward: it is palm-shaped with three fingers pointing straight and two protruding from each side. The Hamsa is one of the oldest symbols in Jewish culture.

Chai-Another very common symbol used for jewelry and other ornaments is the Chai. In Hebrew, Chai means “living.” Many believe that the word highlights the importance of life in Judaism. The concept of chai is quite popular in Jewish culture.

Most companies also offer custom designs. So, if you have a special design you want to wear on your jewelry, you can ask them to engrave it for you. Of course, companies charge a premium for specialized services.

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