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Improving Your Style with Custom Made Jewelry

In order to appreciate customized jewelry, you have to be familiar with the variety of custom made Jewelry choices that are available in pendants, chains, rings and bracelets.

You also have to look at your preference with respect to the types of styles. What is the theme of your wardrobe?

1. Ask Yourself What Styles and Types of Jewelry Closely Match Your Personality

To improve your jewelry style then, you need to view jewelry selections online to see what meets your fancy.

Classic jewelry selections include pendants, brooches, rings, necklaces and bracelets. Less frequently worn jewelry may include anklets or jewelry clips that adorn the hair.

Do you prefer costume jewelry or do you like fine jewelry that displays classic gemstones? Varying styles in personalized monogram necklaces or name necklaces are available too.


2. Determine Your Preference with Respect to Jewelry Themes

Jewelry can be handcrafted and convey one of a variety of expressions. Just like clothes, some jewelry is vintage, retro, romantic, contemporary or traditional. Do you tend to like trending jewelry?

If so, you may like a name necklace that has a modern styled looking font for its lettering.


3. Take a Look at the Materials – What Do You Like?

The materials used for fashioning jewelry should also be reviewed. What alloys or materials do you generally find to be in line with your preferences?

Depending on the jewelry, pieces may be made with such alloys as platinum, titanium, sterling silver or gold. In addition, gold is available in yellow, white or rose alloys, all which can impact the type of lettering or accents which are used.

With respect to customized jewelry then, especially names or monograms, the choice of a metal also defines one’s individual style.


4. Look at Your Current Jewelry Wardrobe and Scrutinize the Pieces You Have in Your Collection – How Do You Match the Jewelry with Your Clothes?

You can also gauge your personal jewelry style by looking at the kind of jewelry you tend to collect among your current pieces.

Do you have a great deal of sterling silver jewelry or do you tend to buy a lot of gold pieces? How do you accessorize these pieces with your clothes?

When choosing name necklaces and monograms, you can match the type of lettering to the style and fashion of your clothes.

More formal monograms go with classic styles while artsy looking lettering can be worn with casual or leisure clothes.

5. Buy a Basic Customized Necklace as a Base Piece of Jewelry

Whatever you determine your personal jewelry style to be, you can enhance it with silver or gold jewelry in the form of a monogrammed necklace or a necklace that features your name or initials. Include a heart or small diamond accent as well.

This type of necklace can be matched with a variety of clothing styles and other kinds of jewelry.

Personalization also means that the necklace is less likely to become lost or stolen. Such a necklace is uniquely yours, all which enhances your personal style as well.

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