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  • 2017-04-30 07:45:17

    The evil eye red string in different cultures

    The red string is known as an instrument of protection to negate evil in various cultures, all over the world. It was first introduced by the Kabbalah people and it is highly believed to be powerful as it is often used for protection against the “evil eye”. The red string is a thin scarlet or crimson string - a type of talisman. It is a popular Jewish custom which is

    regarded as a way to avert misfortunes coming from the “evil eye’’. The red string is worn as a bracelet or band on the left wrist of the user and it is knotted seven times.

    As time passes by and new generations come into being, the red string has evolved into different fashionable trends making it more desirable to a lot of people who don’t even know its basis. Most people do not know where the red string came from but usually wear the red string just because it is fashionable. But it is an instrument of great mystical power and it holds great virtues as well as being fashionable.

    It is advisable not to remove the bracelet as it is believed that the very minute you remove the bracelet there will be a negative energy that will strike you. The myth is backed by the belief that the evil eye will use the opportunity to attack you because you have been protected all this while. For generations, those using the red string bracelet will believe in its power and symbolism to avert misfortunes as well as promoting positivity. It is believed that a person should tie it while having positive thoughts in order to attract peace and protect against evil or the ‘evil eye’. When tied with negative thoughts or any doubts it may not be as effective, most cultures believe the red string is as good as wearing nothing. This is because; you have to have faith that it will actually help you. If you want the red string bracelet to keep evil away, it requires faith and positivity. The Jewish Kabbalah people were the first people ever to introduce the red string.

    There are different types of red string; out of the types is the red string of fate, which is used as a connector. This type of red string determines the fate of two people who were meant to be together. The red string of fate is also usually referred to as the red thread of destiny, and it is mostly used amongst the Chinese and Japanese folks.

    According to the myths of Chinese and Japanese origin, the gods tie a cord around the ankle of those that are to meet one another in certain situations. The two people are linked by the red string in order to become lovers irrespective of how they met. The red string of fate myth is similar to the western concepts of soul mates or destined flames, where two people are meant to be together, forever and ever, and no matter what the circumstances these people will still meet.

  • 2017-04-30 07:43:11

    Yamaka; The Reason Behind It’s Use

    The Yamaka is a small skull cap that is generally worn by Jewish men. It is also known as Kippah, Yarmulka, Yarmulke, etc. The word Yamaka comes from Aramaic, which means; “fear of God’’. There are different reasons behind the use of the Kippah though it all comes down to reasons linked to religion. The Yamaka is a brimless cap that is usually made from clothes, crotchets, suede, black velvet or satin - depending on the type of group wearing the Kippah. They are worn by Jews to fulfill the customary requirement held by orthodox authorities that the head must be covered while some groups do have a specific style that they wear.

    There are different patterns and design on the Yarmulke. As long as its design isn’t offensive to the Jewish faith, most groups are fine with these caps featuring all kinds of fun and playful designs. That means they can have anything from the Star of David to a train on them. Kippahs with smiley faces and sports logos are also very popular. And instead of the standard smaller size of a kippah, a few groups wear a larger white crocheted skull cap that fully covers the head.

    The major reason why Jewish men wear this cap is because those that are part of orthodox group adhere to the law which requires them to keep their head covered at all times. This is actually the reason why it’s popular to see men wearing this skull cap as they go about their usual activities.

    A Jewish may also use the Yarmulke simply because he is part of a Reform or Conservative community. It is expected to wear a Kippah while he is in the synagogue or taking part in a prayer session. Most synagogues and Jewish funeral services keep a ready supply of kippot, this is why anyone from a celebrity to a plumber may wear a yamaka on occasion, but may not use it as part of a usual outfit.

    People interpret things differently and view things in a different way and this is why there is a little variance in the use of the skull cap. Some groups within Judaism believe that their texts explicitly say that their heads should be covered at all times while others believe that they can follow all necessary requirements by simply wearing their caps during the specific situations discussed above. The Talmud states “cover your head in order that the fear of heaven may be upon you’’.

    Several secular laws have been passed about people wearing the kippot. Primarily, these laws are in regards to members of the military, prisoners and public school teachers. Goldman v. Weinberger, the Religious Apparel Amendment, and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act are some of the most important cases and acts related to this issue.

  • 2017-02-15 14:48:38

    Jewelry Wholesale

    Get ready to increase your daily profits by immediately adding our great line of personalized jewelry to your established business! You can be selling our high-quality jewelry within 24 hours of contacting Idan Jewelry.
  • 2017-01-30 12:07:03

    Does Gold Tarnish Over Time?

    Gold tarnishing is evident as a dark discoloration of the gold item and is the slight corrosion of the gold surface, also called a tarnish film. It’s a confusion so as to specifically come to a conclusion in regarding the question of that whether real gold tarnishes or whether real gold does not tarnish. So it is important to figure out which one is correct.

    Gold can be considered as a least reactive chemical element. When gold is taken alone or when it is pure, it does not tarnish or rust and stays shiny because it does not combine easily with oxygen. Altering its properties, pure gold is alloyed with other base metals, as pure gold or 24 karat gold is too soft to be used in jewelry. In common it is rare to find a piece which contains only the pure gold there. When gold is alloyed with other base metals, those base metals with oxygen eventually tarnish the gold jewelries as they react with or to oxygen, moisture and sulfur.

    Does Gold Tarnish Over Time

    24 karat gold does not tarnish because it is less likely to tarnish when karat of the gold increases. In general, tarnishing is mostly seen in gold with lower karat values and usually seen in gold which is less than 14 karat. Very seldom tarnishing can be observed in 18 karat gold where as little tarnishing can be there in 14 karat gold.

    We can recognize that, it is not pure gold or 24 karat gold when they tarnish, but not that those aren’t real gold. When considering about jewelries made out of gold, some people’s jewelry tarnish more quickly or may be more inclined to tarnish than other people because the body chemistry differs from person to person. It is less likely that the gold piece will tarnish, when higher the percentage of gold in the alloy. There as very rare circumstances in which gold with high karat values subjected to tarnishing as well. Than sterling silver, it does so in a much slower phase when lower karat gold tarnishes.

    Periodic cleaning needed for gold jewelry and other items less than 14 karat which uses copper and silver. Factors like cleaning agents, perfumes and perspiration causes this kind gold to tarnish.

    Does 14 karat gold tarnish, why does gold tarnish? That is one important question which emphasizes from the above facts .When we answer those questions by summarizing the content, actually pure gold does not tarnish. But pure gold is not enough to be used alone as it is in jewelry. As mentioned above, it is those base metals like platinum, silver and zinc etc. which are combined with gold, is what tarnishes the jewelry. Usually items with 14 karat gold are less likely to see any tarnishing.

    We can take preventive steps by looking at our jewelries and there are ample ways of treating tarnished gold. As an example way to remove surface tarnishing of gold, wiping the tarnished part with a mixture (adding a few drops of mild and then adding a non-phosphate dishwashing liquid into warm water) using the fingers or a cotton swab can be done. Also we can bring our jewelry to a trusted jeweler to make the piece thoroughly cleaned by an expert, if the gold jewelry eventually looks dull after a long time of use.

  • 2017-02-07 09:53:38

    Meaning of Double Infinity Necklace

    Double infinity necklace with graceful lines go forever and ever, can be considered as one of the most fascinating symbols. Although not many people know the true, deeper meaning of this intriguing concept, we've all become familiar in recent years with the significance of this well-known symbol. More and more people are starting to be drawn towards the double infinity symbol recently. There must have a reason behind the sudden increase in popularity of this as well. In finding the meaning of this beautiful symbol, we’ll take a look at a bit of its popularity in jewelries and tattoos plus the origin of it.
  • 2017-01-26 15:37:30

    Hamsa Necklace Meaning

    Hamsa necklaces are another popular type of necklaces. This is another type of necklace which uses ancient symbolism for its advantage.
  • 2017-01-26 15:33:00

    Cross Necklace Meaning

    The Christian cross necklace is worn to symbolize the devotion to the Christian faith by man Christians. For non-Christians this is mostly a fashion accessory
  • 2017-01-26 15:27:52

    Good luck elephant necklace meaning

    Pendants are a great way to express personality. This is mainly to let others know the things you are interested. These pendants can have a deeper meaning or just be worn for decorative purposes. Some of the most common and popular pendant which have meaning are elephant necklaces.

    They say that big things come in small packages. This is not the true most of the time. Often great stuff come in big packages for examples like elephants. The elephant with its huge body and large body weight speaks of meaningful insight to share with us. This creature speaks mostly of loyalty, determination and sensitivity. Also an elephant is about a superior guide the shows patience and devotion.

    The primary symbolic meanings of an elephant are tenacity, strength, stability and honor. These are only a few attributes which symbolizes an elephant.

    elephant necklace meaning

    In the Hindu religion an elephant is found in the form go Ganesh who is the god of luck, blessing, fortune and protection for all the new endeavors. The god Ganesh is a vibrant elephant who intents on bulldozing all the obstacles on your behalf.

    The primary symbolic meaning other than those mentioned above are reliability, royalty, pride, power and dignity. In Christianity the symbol of the elephant means patience, chastity and temperance. In Chinese symbolism the elephant is an icon which symbolizes good luck, longevity and happiness.

    Asians are the people who have the most ties to the elephants. Asians believe that the elephant is a cosmic creature. They believe that it carries the world upon its back. This is another reason why this creature is symbolized as symbol of persistence and power. Elephants are also thought of as dream animals. If an elephant is to appear in a dream it means the you will have the ability to face any obstacle that are to come in the future with ease. A dream elephant represents stead-fastness, stability, sovereignty and power. If a person is to dream of riding and elephant it say that that person has a tendency to be a leader of a family in which others are heavily dependent on them. If you dream of elephants in circuses this suggests that you have a cavalier attitude about situations in your life and you may want to focus more attention to it.

    Even though there are many meanings for elephant’s symbols throughout the world, an elephant necklace is often worn to symbolize luck. This is the main reason why people wear elephant necklaces. The pendants of the elephant necklace can be made out of metal, stone or have been carved out of something. There can be different gems or pearls embossed on it, it will bring the wearer great amounts of luck in his endeavors. Many people believe that an elephant necklace bring luck only if the elephant is pointing its trunk. Others believe that any elephant necklace will bring luck. However, elephant necklaces can be given to people as a gift and will have extra special meaning if you are wishing the person luck and all the other meanings above.

  • 2017-01-26 15:23:37

    Name Necklace Trends

    Name necklaces are a huge trend in the world today. Many people where name necklaces whether we like it or not. Jewelry featuring our name is back and is bigger than ever. There is jewelry with monograms, loved one’s names, and initials which will make a mark on anyone
  • 2017-01-19 11:01:23

    Infinity Necklace as a Special Gift

    Infinity necklace is a very popular fashion trend today. It is now the most trending piece of jewelry worn by most, like the anchor necklaces before it. Many people mostly women enjoy wearing these infinity symbol on them. They wear the infinity in necklaces and also bracelets. This is a simple symbol which looks like a ribbon or the number 8 turned sideways.